Hearthstone Un’Goro Quest Deck Lists

The new expansion Journey to Un’Goro brings along new cards called Quests. You’ll be able to play the card and upon completing a unique set of circumstances be rewarded with a very powerful card.

Read Everything You Need to Know About Quests!

I will be adding a bunch of new Quest Deck lists to this post below. As well as highlighting which are the best Quest decks for the upcoming Un’Goro meta!

Hearthstone Un’Goro Quest Deck Lists




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Journey to Un’Goro Launch Survival Guide – Preparing for Un’Goro & Year of the Mammoth Standard Rotation!

With the launch of Journey to Un’Goro and the Standard rotation fast approaching, there’s a few things you’ll likely want to know before the expansion releases. I’ve been gathering up some information to help you prepare for the big release!

What Time Will Journey to Un’Goro Launch?

We know the date is April 6th for the Americas, and likely the 7th for just about everywhere else. Blizzard usually launches things at 10am PDT, but for the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, it actually launched on December 1st at 8:30am PDT (1630 UTC). So, as long as there’s no issues I would expect around the same.

For a more global perspective: Gadgetzan released on December 2nd at 0200 CET (0100 UTC) in Europe, 0800 KST (2300 UTC) in Asia, and 0640 CST (2240 UTC) in China.

Read more about launch times in this great thread on Reddit.

Expansion Launch Tips

Here’s a quick run down of what I’ve learned in the past when dealing with expansion launches.

Tip: Don’t Purchase the Wrong Packs

In the past it’s been easy to absentmindedly purchase the wrong packs, so make sure you are paying attention when you hit the purchase button!

Tip: Save Money by Watching Twitch Streamers Open Packs

Streamers buy a TON of packs, and if you’re on a budget and want to get your fix then I’d advise watching them open packs. It’s not exactly the same, but it can help ease your lust for packs.

Tip: Don’t Craft or Disenchant Legendaries Right Away

It’s tough to not craft a bunch of cool looking Legendaries the day they come out, but if you’re on a budget you should just hang back and wait for the meta to settle a bit. The famous example of tons of people crafting Troggzor the Earthinator comes to mind, where it seemed like a great card but ended up never really seeing any play. This also goes for disenchanting cards! Finja, the Flying Star was not a popular Legendary when Mean Streets of Gadgetzan released, but now it has seen quite a bit of play.

Year of the Mammoth Standard Rotation

The second Journey to Un’Goro releases in your area the Standard rotation will take place. This means Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and League of Explorers will no longer be usable in the Standard format.

This also means, if you haven’t purchased one of the wings from either Blackrock Mountain or League of Explorers you will no longer be able to purchase either one of them with cash or gold. This doesn’t mean you won’t have access to the cards, you can craft them with Arcane Dust, but that method is far more expensive in the long run. To prevent losing access to these Adventures, you can purchase just the first wing from each one (with cash or gold) and you will then be able to play and purchase the rest of the wings even when they rotate out of Standard.

Update (10:22am PDT): With the new patch up it appears that it’s too late to grab either of those adventures, I hope you got them ahead of time!

If you want to see what notable cards are headed to Standard then check this post out: Notable Hearthstone Cards Leaving Standard in Year of the Mammoth.

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Everything You Should Know About the Quest Card Mechanic in Journey to Un’Goro

Journey to Un’Goro is almost here, and one of the exciting things about the expansion is the new Quest mechanic. Each Quest card gives you an insane reward that will be tough for your opponent to overcome! This post will go through the ins-and-outs of the mechanic and hopefully get you read for the big expansion release on April 6th, 2017!

General Quest Mechanic Information

  • There are nine quests in total (one for each class).
  • Quests are guaranteed to start in your mulligan, and can be sent back to your deck.
  • You can only have one Quest in play at any time, but you can complete them multiple times if you can duplicate it!
  • Quests are considered spells.
  • Quests can’t be found by Discover effects unless the Discover effect targets a deck (and the Quest is in the deck), e.g., Drakonid Operative.
  • Quests can’t be generated by cards that randomly put cards in your hand, e.g., Babbling Book.
  • Quests CAN be duplicated if they are in your deck by cards like Thoughtsteal and Shadow Visions.
  • Quests DO take up a Secret spot (you can have up to five Secrets).

Quest Card & Reward List

Each of the nine Quests have a unique set of circumstances that need to be met to get your powerful reward.

Awaken the Makers

  • Much like how Lord Jaraxxus sets your Health to 15, Amara, Warden of Hope literally sets your Health and maximum Health to 40.
  • Amara would also work with Lord Jaraxxus and even if you turned yourself into Ragnaros via Majordomo Executus.
  • Take note that Awaken the Makers says “Summon” and not “Play”, this means if you spawn a Deathrattle minion on your board with something like Free From Amber it would count towards the Quest.

Awaken the Makers Card Synergy

Priest got two new Deathrattle cards: Crystalline Oracle and Tortollan Shellraiser. You could even find a spot in your deck for the new Spiritsinger Umbra!

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Notable Hearthstone Cards Leaving Standard in Year of the Mammoth 2017

The Year of the Mammoth is nearly upon us (April 6th, 2017), and with it comes the Standard rotation. This year’s rotation will remove three sets from Standard: Blackrock Mountain, The Grand Tournament, and The League of Explorers. Blizzard has also decided to implement the Hall of Fame, which will take six cards from the Classic set and move them to Wild.

If you haven’t heard about the Standard rotation, check out our Standard Rotation Guide!

The following list compiles the most notable cards we will be saying goodbye to in the upcoming Standard rotation.

Notable Cards Leaving Standard in Year of the Mammoth

Hall of Fame

Six cards from the Classic set are on their way to the Hall of Fame and won’t be playable in Standard.

Azure Drake is the most played card in Hearthstone (other than The Coin). It was a card, in most cases, that you could just throw in your deck and you would be rarely making the wrong decision. The loss of Ice Lance looks to be the final dagger in Freeze Mage’s heart, while Rogue losing Conceal makes using Gadgetzan Auctioneer much more difficult. Power Overwhelming was great in combo decks, and even Warlock Zoo for making trades with your weaker token minions.

Ragnaros the Firelord and Sylvanas Windrunner were mainstays in many decks and could often fill in for spots in your deck where you might be missing a more fringe Legendary. They are both powerful cards, and it will be interesting to see a meta game without them.

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Un’Goro Adapt Mechanic Guide & Card List

The Journey to Un’Goro expansion is bringing along a new mechanic called Adapt. The mechanic gives you three randomly selected options from a pool of ten. This is basically the Discover mechanic, but from a specific limited pool. If you have a card like Galvadon that has multiple Adapt effects, you can see some options more than once. This is better ni terms of options like Flaming Claws, but weaker with effects that can only be applied once like Lightning Speed.

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