WILD- Ancestor’s Call (LEGEND)

What’s up dudes!

So this is a deck i thought was an original but I’ve seen some similar variations out there. Regardless its a lot of fun so figured i would share it. **WARNING** This deck is very hard to play. You have limited resources and you usually have to switch your game plan mid-way not recommended for new players. 

The card that makes the fun happen (or just screws you). 

There are few ways to play this card but the most common is going for that early pull- Ragnaros the Firelordsoggoththeslitherer are the best and  an early Emperor Thaurissan isn’t bad but you want to try and get him out on curve to set up your burn combo with Malygos  . Never do a turn 4 ancestors call if you only have Malygos. Try to save this combo when you have some good burn spells. This is your main win condition if you don’t out tempo them after turn 4. 

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Dust Cost: 16,240
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