Righteous Stand: Quest Paladin

Class: Paladin - Format: Mammoth - Type: Midrange - Season: 48 - Style: Fun

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

In all situations the Quest is a keep and Righteous Protector is invaluable early.

Aggro Mulligans

Against Aggro Consecrate is a must have. Stonehill Defender is generally a solid card to keep but against Aggro it becomes even more important. 

Control Mulligans

Against Control you want to get the Quest started quickly and that means keep cheap pump spells with Protector or Champion. 

Righteous Stand is a new style “Buffadin” deck that packs several game ending or game changing drops. It can have a slow start at times but it can carry a punch in the mid and late game.

This deck is designed to avoid the upcoming rotation by foregoing any cards from the rotating sets. 

One Mana

Adaptation  – Cheap spell that can be very versatile by boosting a minion offensively or defensively and potentially protecting my health by granting taunt.

Blessing of Might  – A cheap offensive spell that will potentially make an unfavorable trade better.

Blessing of Wisdom  – In for a way to help draw cards for more consistency in the deck. 

Righteous Protector  – Solid defensive minion for the early game.

The Last Kaleidosaur  – Quest that can easily be met in this deck and will give me a difficult minion for the opponent to handle.

Two Mana

Equality  – Helps deal with the enemy minions. Combines nicely with Consecrate. 

Potion of Heroism  – Divine Shield is a great ability and tossing it on a minion and drawing a card is great.

Primalfin Champion  – Small minion but is very beneficial to the deck because it’s ability to allow multiple uses of my spell. 

Three Mana

Gluttonous Ooze  – Anti-Weapon tech minion and will help with longevity at times with the armor it can grant.

Stonehill Defender  – Nice taunt minion that will give me another minion to help swing the board in my favor.

Zola the Gorgon  – Doubles up on game changers. It’s always nice to have the opponent staring down two Galvadons or two Lynesa Sunsorrow.

Four Mana

Blessing of Kings  – Giving a minion +4/+4 is a huge swing and is just sweet with a Protector. 

Consecration  – Will potentially clear the board on turn four (Three with coin) but on turn six or after it can definitely clear the opponent’s board.

Hammer of Wrath  – Removes a minion and draws a card.

Spellbreaker  – Silence is highly needed in the current meta and this is an all-star at this ability. 

The Voraxx – Will be swingy and its ability to create minions can be very helpful. 

Six Mana

Spikeridged Stead  – Massively defensive spell and a must have in this deck.

Seven Mana

Lynesa Sunsorrow  – Looks unimpressive but she will be difficult to handle especially if an adaptation hits “liquid membrane”.

Nine Mana

Uther of the Ebon Blade  – Some would argue this is unnecessary but his inclusion is game changing and the Four Horsemen draw attention from other threats most of the time but if they don’t they will end the game.

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  1. SinisterOne - Author
    March 21, 2018 at 9:01 am

    Deck Update:

    -1 Adaptation
    -1 Blessed Champion
    +1 Blessing of Wisdom
    +1 Gluttonous Ooze


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