Midrange Hunter [Season 36]


General Mulligans

These are generally your best early game cards.  I don't feel like much explenation is needed.  Just remember Trogg Beastrager is best used if you know the buff will hit Rat Pack, Dispatch Kodo, or Tundra Rhino. 

Aggro Mulligans

Mostly the same except for Trogg Beastrager, which is too slow against aggro.  Quich Shot was added for early removal and Houndmaster for the taunt.

Control Mulligans

Dire Wolf Alpha was removed because against control it is a better combo tool than early game.  Just imagine a volcanic potion clearing your early board.  It is better to have Kindly Grandmother on the board than Dire Wolf Alpha in that situation.  Mulligans is slightly easier against control.

A fun and pretty powerful midrange hunter list.  It is very cheap and requires no legendary cards, so it is great for new players to get a grasp for the game and learn how to maintain board advantage while learning how to look for lethal setups and optimal punishes.

This deck has the early game to contest aggro, enough value to contest control decks, and more than enough burst to finish a Reno deck off before they think its time to use their full heal.  I know hunter is generally seen as a joke right now, but It is more than possible to reach high ranks (and possibly legend) with this list.


Warrior:  Almost every warrior deck right now is aggro, so mulligans for a good start with Alleycat  and Kindly Grandmother.  Also, keeping Houndmaster  is not a bad idea as long as you have a turn 1 and 2 play, as it is the only taunt in this list.  It is hard to come back against aggro with this list because of a lack of removal, so the idea is to get ahead and stay ahead.  If they go face too early and leave you with a board make sure to punish it as efficiently as possible.  If you find yourself running into warriors a lot, feel free to swap Deadly Shot  with arcane shot for a slightly better early game or even drop 1 Trogg Beastrager  for an Acidic Swamp Ooze.  If you happen to run into a control warrior, treat it like any other matchup against control and play for maximum value while avoiding playing into board clears.  Also take a screenshot so you can show everyone that control warriors still exist.

Shaman:  The most important part of this matchup is figuring out which shaman they are playing.  If it is aggro then proceed as if you are playing against Pirate Warrior.  One notable difference is that they have a 7/7 that you might want to keep Deadly Shot  for, so I would not drop it for arcane shot in this matchup.  Savannah Highmane  on turn 5/6 is amazing in this matchup, as hardly any aggro shaman lists run hex.  If they are playing MidJade Shaman or Midrange Shaman the matchup becomes harder.  These decks can almost always out-value Midrange Hunter, but you can turn their strength into a weakness.  Shaman loves to fill their board with minions, so the Scavenging Hyena /Unleash the Hounds  combo is very powerful here.  From my experience, it is best to wear down their health a little early on, then finish them off with a combo.  If they happen to leave Tundra Rhino  on the board, you might even be able to deal over 30 damage in one turn.  Lastly remember to bait out Hex.  Try not to buff Savannah Highmane , as it will only make their hex more powerful.

Mage:  Unfortunately, this matchup comes down to guessing their deck correctly during the mulligans phase.  If they are playing tempo mage you will need a strong early game to contest powerful Flamewaker/Sorcerer’s Apprentice combos.  If they are playing Reno you will not need as much early game.  Instead it is a good idea to keep a high value drop like Houndmaster  or Savannah Highmane  in your opening hand.  Reno will only be playing one Polymorph, so Savannah Highmane  is much better in that matchup than it is against Tempo, which will be running 2 Polymorphs.  Both of these decks will be removing your minions as much as possible, but Reno will try to drag the game out whereas Tempo will try to finish you off quickly. The Scavenging Hyena/Unleash the Hounds  combo is weakest against Reno Mage than it is against Reno Warlock or Reno Priest.  This is because of Ice Block, which essentially allows the Mage to let your combo happen, play Reno, Then remove Scavenging Hyena.  

The rest are coming soon… I still have a lot of testing to do with this deck. 

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Dust Cost: 2,000
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