Class: Hunter - Format: Mammoth - Type: Midrange - Season: 38 - Style: Ladder

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General Mulligans

 you keep only turn 1 or 2. ( u can only keep Eaglehorn Bow  or Animal Companion if u have the COIN . You don't keep any cards that cost 3 or more. you keep 1  turn 3 with coin only if you feel like you have nothing better to play early or if you have a turn 1 in hand.)  so u keep Alleycat Fiery Bat Jeweled Macaw Crackling Razormaw Golakka Crawler Kindly Grandmother Scavenging Hyena

 Also Hungry Crab keep it if you don't have another turn 1 and have no coin .against paladin/drood/shaman you can keep him.  you want Alleycat turn 1 instead of Jeweled Macaw

hello guys ,  i’m here to give you my last deck list who get me from mid rank 3 to legend  with only 1 lose when i was rank 1, 5 stars. 

this deck is really good atm. it got a really  good late so if u don’t miss  play and trad enought u should be abble so see victory at least 3/4 games.

proof : https://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=849845prooflegend.png

so let’s see why we don’t have some  cards here.

   we see  this card in a lot of mid hunter but it’s to slow for the meta. and u really don’t want a turn 3 like that.

  same thanRat Pack , this card is to slow. u are  defending and use it when the ennemi board have 2/3 minions, u will just lose it because it gave u nothing directly. better to houndmaster or use 2 mana’card or 3 mana-card if no other choice..

now let’s see why we have other card:

we run one  Hungry Crab and one Golakka Crawler because we see frequently paladin, rogue , warrior and drood who can have some pirate or murloc.. but we don’t take 2 copie because we don’t need it in other matchup. hungry crab is maybe the card u need the less.  but i put one in because in some case it’s quite usefull. like a 1/2 body .. so u can ping + keep him for Houndmaster or Nesting Roc . golakka is a little more usefull but i can tell u only one is worth because this deck don’t even need them.

   so first i didn’t use this card in my mid hunter. but then i feel like some time having this card should be extremely cool. Unleash the HoundsHunter's Mark +Scavenging Hyena  make u clean a board + give u a big minion.   also this card can be used early to remove a minion with for exemple Kindly Grandmother +  u put  Scavenging Hyena  same turn. or just a Crackling Razormaw (on the big bad wolf).

  solid turn 5. can be used turn 6 with Alleycat to activated. 

can also be used like a body 4/7.  if u have Nesting Roc+Savannah Highmane some time u can use Nesting Roc without  taunt. so they try to remove him then u put Savannah Highmane  next turn. 

   we have 2 copie of this card becausse it’s great. it can be used as a bait. u can also keep him in hand with a Scavenging Hyena in our hand (if u have some minion on board) so u can do something crazy . when u are turn 5 if u only have this u can u se it and see if he get removed.  same if u have both in hand and the ennemi board is clean or with a 2/1 2/2 3/2 just kill him .you can also  wait a turn if u have a turn 1 in hand who could charge next turn. nothing complicated.

that’s all for the cards who are a little different than an ordinary mid hunter deck .

 so u can sub Hungry Crab for a Fiery Bat or Jeweled Macaw

u can sub Golakka Crawlerfor Jeweled Macawor Fiery Bat

 and that’s all. the other cards need to be here. and also this deck is pretty cheap so u should have almost all those cards 🙂

 HOW TO PLAY : You need to think ahead . You try to keep your minions alive at all cost. i mean do you use coin to use 2 turn 1 ? yes you do if u have a turn 2 to play. some match up you really need to trad everyturn and it’s worth. ofcourse turn 4-5 if you have like 7 or more damage on bord you can think about face some damage and then close the game 2-4 turn after. You can also try to keep your minions alive and push the face and you close the game turn 5. because turn 3-4 you killed his minion with Kill Command Eaglehorn Bowand he just have nothing else to play.  when u know he can outvalue you, i mean buff his minion ect.. u better trad . but if the ennemi have like 20 life and u have 5-10 damage on board just go face if u are not against a quest warrior.

also yes something important, u try always to be head of your opponent. this means sometimes yes you need to use the card u have in hand early even if it’s not the best  use so u just get  a little ahead and get  the win 🙂 .

that’s all guys , i hope it helped you a little  and who knows maybe get u to a new rank !!!! 

feel free to ask something in the comment.

thanks you to check my list.


Discuss This Deck
  1. degawolf
    May 24, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    did you try this deck before commenting ?

    we don’t need flare. if you don’t know how to play around secret. that’s not so hard. if u see a secret turn 3 , u pref to not use animal companion. and against freeze or burn mage u have to build a good board with minion. u have razormaw and houndmaster to buff your minion. i play it in legend and i have a pretty good winrate.

    just use your brain sometime u have to trad and if u don’t trad u lose that’s maybe why u get demolished by the meta with this deck lol

    • Degawolf - Author
      May 24, 2017 at 6:19 pm

      btw this deck is fast.

  2. Zachary Rodriguez
    May 24, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    I have a hard time believing you actually had 1 loss, this is a basic mid hunter deck and about 70% of the meta decks demolish it

  3. Ventrilo
    May 23, 2017 at 8:20 am

    In this meta you desperately need 1 flare or even 2 inside the deck.


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