klébar’s Demon Warlock


Hi all,

My name is klébar and this is a deck for those who are playing Hearthstone since a long time, because it includes some cards of older card sets that are “Wild” in the meantime.

It is my favorite Warlock deck and it is rarely seen on ladder, as most players are playing regular Zoo decks or well known Reno – Jaraxxus decks with Warlock.

The beautiful thing about this, is that there is a lot of removal and that you can manage a lot of situations. The old friend Voidcaller or the new impressive beast Ravenous Pterrordax can do great things on the board (generating impressive demon-surprises or by killing eggs :-)).

The deck is extremily versatile in my opinion and very fun to play. The win-rate is high (Pirate Warrior or Mech Mage can be a pain in the ass but still, it faces all kind of decks very well).

I hope some of you could enjoy this. I suggest you to try it out. 🙂
Greetings, friends.


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Dust Cost: 7,940
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