Barney is a Dinosaur – Un’Goro Quest Beast Druid

First, I want to say that I climbed from rank 10 to legend with this deck in 2 days, so don’t dismiss it that fast.

General Overview

This deck uses the druid package (Innervate, Swipe, and Wrath) as well as powerful druid cards like Tortollan ForagerDruid of the Claw, and Ancient of War to get to its win conditions easily.

Win contitions (Some of Them)

Your first win condition is out-tempoing your opponent in the late game, with (0) cost minions, due to Barnabus the Stomper

Your second win condition is a powerful swing turn with Elder LongneckMenagerie Warden, Volcanosaur or a crab + Mark of Y'Shaarj combo

The third win condition is going face. With multiple stealth cards like Stranglethorn Tiger and some burst from Swipe and Druid of the Claw you can easily win against some of the more annoying control decks.

The fourth (and my favorite) win condition is just hard countering your opponent’s aggro deck. With both Golakka Crawler and Hungry Crab, as well as taunts, you can just survive (While pretending you’re a token druid).

How to Correctly Play The Deck (Tips & More Tips)

  • Don’t wait with your cards too much. Because your deck is a mid-late game focused deck, you shouldn’t wait with your card like a priest does.
  • Don’t focus too much on the quest. Your quest is one of your win conditions against control decks, so you shouldn’t fear to mulligan it if you are facing a rogue, for example.
  • Think arena. Play your cards in the best way to give you tempo and value combined.
  • Have fun

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Dust Cost: 4,400
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