Firebat’s Deck Doctor #2 & #3 – N’Zoth Shaman & Elemental Shaman

Here are two more videos from Firebat’s great Deck Doctor series! If you missed episode #1 which featured C’Thun Druid, check it out here.

Deck Doctor #2 – N’Zoth Shaman

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Firebat’s Deck Doctor #1 – C’Thun Druid

One of the awesome things both Firebat and Zalae have done in the past were Deck Doctor streams. They would take a deck suggestion from one of their stream viewers, play the original list, make changes and come up with a finalized list. Firebat is now starting a YouTube series based on the concept, and the first episode features a look at C’Thun Druid.

If you want to view the video without spoilers then don’t read any further. The first game Firebat plays is a great demonstration of superior Hearthstone skill. He expertly navigates the game just barely escaping death, it really gives you great insight on the way pro players think about the game. Also, check out the ending of the video for a TWIST!

This Week in Decklists — Gameplay Videos and Stats (May 8th, 2016, Season 26)

It’s time to take a look at what some of the pros and streamers have been playing from the Whispers of the Old Gods set this week! We’ve also added a couple of featured decks that takes a look at winrates, game videos, and mulligans in an attempt to get you familiar with how well a deck plays and does against certain classes.

Featured Decks

Thijs had a crazy run with this C’Thun Renlock on stream the other day. He went 10 – 3 vs. the ever present Shaman, and was able to climb steadily from Rank 11 to 4.

Deck List

Gameplay Videos

  • VS. Warlock Zoo: 1, 2, 3
  • VS. Midrange/Tempo Mage: 1, 2
  • VS. Aggro Paladin: 1, 2
  • VS. Midrange/Aggro Shaman: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
  • VS. C’Thun Shaman: (1, pt. 2)
  • VS. Dragon Priest: 1
  • VS. C’Thun Warrior: 1
  • VS. Control Warrior: 1, 2
  • VS. Patron Warrior: 1
  • VS. Pirate Warrior: 1
  • VS. Midrange Hunter: 1, 2
  • VS. N’Zoth Hunter: 1, 2
  • VS. Miracle Rogue: 1, 2
  • VS. N’Zoth Deathrattle Paladin: 1, 2, 3


Keeps: Mortal Coil, Dark PeddlerDoomsayerBeckoner of EvilBrann BronzebeardEarthen Ring FarseerImp Gang BossReno Jackson

If you have a 2-drop and you’re against a slower deck you can keep a 4-drop like Twilight Drake.


  • Hunter: 3 – 1
  • Mage: 2 – 0
  • Paladin: 4 – 1
  • Priest: 1 – 0
  • Rogue: 2 – 0
  • Shaman: 10 – 3
  • Warlock: 2 – 1
  • Warrior: 5 – 0

Miracle Rogue has been increasing in popularity, and Ryzen is one of the better Rogue players on Twitch. He ends up running into a Midrange Yogg-Saron Mage multiple times leading to some epic battles on his way to legend.

Deck List

Gameplay Videos

Unfortunately, some of these VODs are muted.

  • VS. Midrange/Aggro Shaman: 1
  • VS. Patron Warrior: 1, 2
  • VS. Control/Tempo Warrior: 1, 2, 3
  • VS. Dragon Warrior: 1
  • VS. C’Thun Druid: 1
  • VS. Tempo/Midrange Mage: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
  • VS. Reno C’Thun Warlock: 1, 2
  • VS. Warlock Zoo: 1, 2
  • VS. N’Zoth Deathrattle Paladin: 1


Keeps: Preparation, Fan of Knives, Tomb Pillager (against slower decks), Azure Drake (against slower decks), Backstab, SI:7 AgentShadow Strike (with good curve), Earthen Ring FarseerDeadly Poison


  • Druid: 0 – 1
  • Mage: 5 – 2
  • Paladin: 1 – 0
  • Shaman: 1 – 0
  • Warlock: 2 – 2
  • Warrior: 4 – 2

Check out more streamer decks after the jump!

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Pro and Streamer Ladder Decks for the Week! (February 12th, 2016)

I let this feature breathe a bit due to the fact that a lot of the decks being played right now are meta standards. There’s a bit of room for some innovation, but we’re definitely in the dull days of the meta. I did find some streamers playing some interesting decks, but I’ve included some standard lists in-case some of you are curious what current lists look like!






Brian Kibler

Pro and Streamer Ladder Decks for the Week! (January 15th, 2016)

People seemed to like getting a glimpse of what streamers and pros were playing during the week! I will continue to post these as long as people are enjoying them. This week we’re going to start by adding a spot for a featured lesser known streamer! You can comment below if you feel like there’s a streamer that deserves to be featured here in the future.

Featured Streamer: Tylerootd

Tyler runs a pretty easy going stream with chill music. One of the big reasons to watch him is for top tier gameplay. Tyler’s maintained rank 1 on EU during season 22 for a while now. He mostly plays on NA (while he’s rank 1 on EU) with a variety of decks, sometimes playing the class he was beaten with, and sometimes just playing some Midrange Druid or Control Priest!


StrifeCro’s been playing a lot of top tier decks in Reno Warlock and Midrange Druid!


I appreciate P4wnyhof a lot for his tendency to play unique decks. This week has been some Tempo Mage that did pretty well on the ladder, but also a pretty cool Reno Jackson Inspire Shaman deck!


Neviilz was once known for his stellar Echo Giants Mage play, but now he’s become the master of a new deck: Anyfin Can Happen Paladin!

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