Standout Decks of the Week #2 – Un’Goro Meta

People seemed to enjoy last week’s standout decks post, so I figured I’d do it again! The meta is starting to settle down a bit, but there’s still a lot of fine tuning of decks, including the teching of Hungry Crab into certain decks because of the popularity of Murloc Paladin (What?!).

Keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of every powerful deck on the ladder. It’s just the decks I felt stood out this week.

Standout Decks of the Week

The flavor of the moment is Murloc Paladin, and this is one of the versions that got us there. The deck is starting to literally feel the pressure of the Crab as many decks have tech’d in Hungry Crab to beat it.

This is a mix of Tempo and Freeze Mage which relies more heavily on minions and getting value from Medivh’s staff to help control the board and push damage. This deck has gotten very popular recently as Mage decks continue to evolve.

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Journey to Un’Goro Deck Guides – Popular Meta Decks!

I’ve had Stonekeep hard at work producing deck guides for every potential meta deck that surfaces in the new Journey to Un’Goro meta game. There’s still some more stuff to come, but I’ve rounded up all the new deck guides below!

If you have a suggestion for a guide you’d like to see, feel free to add it in the comments and we’ll try to make it happen!

Un’Goro Deck Guides

I’ve also personally updated a couple of the guides I made for decks that were popular during the rotation that are still being played now.

Also, if you missed out on our budget decks post, I’ll be adding some mulligan guides to each of the decks. Check that out here: Journey to Un’Goro Budget Decks.

Journey to Un’Goro Standout Decks of the Week

We’re getting fairly deep into this new Un’Goro meta game now, and I still feel like we aren’t yet settling down yet. The rotation along with the new expansion have truly shaked things up completely, so why not take a look at what decks stood out during the week!

Keep in mind that this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list of every powerful deck on the ladder. It’s just the decks I felt stood out this week.

Standout Un’Goro Decks of the Week

Midrange Paladin literally burst onto the scene, and now multiple people have been reaching high legend with the deck. Some players are playing a Midrange/Control version of the list, while others have leaned towards the Murloc version like the list below.

More Deck Examples

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Hearthstone Journey to Un’Goro Budget Decks – Cheap Decks for the Un’Goro Meta!

One of the big complaints early on in Journey to Un’Goro is the price to play. There were a ton of Legendaries released, and if you were unlucky you may have not received much in the way of playable cards. This is unfortunate, so I’ve gone ahead and created some budget decks that should serve you well if you are in the ranks around 25 – 15. As you get closer to 10, however, the road is going to be much more difficult and only a couple of them will manage to continue to climb steadily.

One of the good things about the rotation is that there’s only one Adventure in Standard currently, so you can potentially craft all the cards you need without having to worry about purchasing an Adventure. Azure Drake was also an unfortunate card not to have, especially for the C’Thun Mage deck. There is not much in the way of usable 5-drops without Azure being around.

Budget Deck Recommendations

If all you care about is climbing the ladder as fast as possible then the best deck is hands down Pirate Warrior. It is only missing a couple of cards, and the deck even in its budget state will do plenty of work on the ladder. Midrange Beast Hunter is actually close to the meta list, there’s no real absolutely must have Legendaries or Epics. Elemental Shaman is another deck that should be solid, however, it is missing key cards in Maelstrom Portal as well as Kalimos, Primal Lord.

Decks I’m not too hot on are both of the C’Thun decks, it’s obvious by now that C’Thun is passed his prime, but I still think they are solid. The Aggro Rogue deck is very all-in, so I would consider just trying to build Quest Rogue which is relatively cheap.

Cheap Un’Goro Budget Decks

These decks do not contain any Epics, Legendaries (other than C’Thun which you get out of your first Whispers of the Old Gods pack), or Adventure cards!

Update: I totally forgot about this, but you get Enchanted Raven and Firelands Portal for free if you play the Prologue of One Night in Karazhan! Thanks to SengirBartender on Reddit for the reminder!

Click on the deck link at the top of each deck to learn more about card substitutions!

Token Druid is a pretty hot deck right now, and this version isn’t too far from the straight Beast version. You are, however, missing Living Mana which can be very powerful. The other problem is that it seems like the Murloc version might be better, but that requires 2x Murloc Warleader and Finja, the Flying Star.

Meta Deck: Aggro/Token Druid

This deck is actually very close to the meta version of the deck. Swamp King Dred is nice to have, and you could make room for Rat Pack, but neither card is required.

Meta Deck: Midrange Beast Hunter

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Hearthstone’s Best Un’Goro Standard Ladder Decks (April 2017, Season 37)

Here’s where I will be listing the best decks for you to ladder with in the Hearthstone Standard format. This isn’t a list in order of the best decks, but displays the best decks for EACH class. So, some classes might be weaker than others which means while the deck listed might be the best for it to ladder with, it doesn’t mean it’s a top tier deck in the game.

If you make it to Rank 20 on the Hearthstone ladder, this is the card back you will receive this month:

Best Hearthstone Ladder Decks for Un’Goro in April 2017 (Season 37, Standard)

  • Update (4/20/17): Removed Handlock and Quest Shaman and updated a few lists.
  • Update (4/13/17): Removed Quest Mage and replaced it with Freeze Mage. Updated a couple of lists to more recent versions.
  • Update (4/8/17): Fully updated for the Un’Goro meta. Keep in mind that a lot of these decks are still being refined, and are being viewed as strong in the early stages of the Un’Goro expansion.

Best Standard Druid Decks

A potentially strong aggressive Druid deck that utilizes board floods to overwhelm the opponent.
Jade Druid isn’t being played as much at the moment, but will still be a powerful deck once the meta settles down.

Best Standard Hunter Decks

Midrange Hunter is looking like a strong deck in the early stages of Un’Goro meta. The Quest version of Hunter seems to have immediately fallen out of favor.

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