Duskbreaker is a 4 Mana Cost Rare Priest Minion Dragon card from the Kobolds and Catacombs set!

Card Text

Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, deal 3 damage to all other minions.

Flavor Text

Waking up at the break of dusk is just not as impressive.

Duskbreaker Card Review

This card became quite the rabble rouser from the very moment it was spoiled. Zalae went on record with his first impression and most professional players, as well as I, tend to agree with him. Excavated Evil is a constructed playable board clear in Wild and Duskbreaker is not only 1 mana cheaper, but leaves behind a 3/3 body as well. Make no mistake, this card is the best AoE card Hearthstone has ever seen. Not the most powerful – there are spells like Twisting Nether that can fully clear any board. Not the cheapest, either. But it hits all of the checks in all the right ways to make it one of Hearthstone’s most efficient cards. Three health is a sweet spot for aggressive decks, which is what you are looking to combat by using Duskbreaker.  It is the reason Tar Creeper is such an excellent defensive tool and why Paladins often play Rallying Blade.

Obviously, the Area of Effect damage comes at the cost of having Dragon Tribal activated. This means that in order for Duskbreaker to see play, there must be a Dragon Priest deck to support it. Throwing it in a pure control deck with a smidge of drakonic value action won’t work. The lovely people over at /r/CompetitiveHS did the math for how many dragons you need in order to consistently activate Duskbreaker and unsurprisingly, it’s around 10 dragons total, including the wannabe-Hellfire itself. How likely is it for that deck to be a thing? Very, considering Dragon Priest is a deck even now (though relatively fringe) and recently, experts familiar with the deck have begun taking it toward a more control-oriented playstyle anyway. From that point of view, Duskbreaker fits right it. The fact that it’s a dragon itself helps further enable other dragon-matters cards, such as Drakonid OperativeNetherspite Historian and Book Wyrm.

But before we get too excited… we can’t even be sure that Dragon Priest will be a thing once K&C hits. Our old friend Highlander Priest is likely here to stay, especially after receiving potential new toys to play with, such as yet another “spell outlet” in Dragon Soul, powerful defensive alternatives such as Lone Champion and potentially yet unrevealed cards. As long as that deck remains strong, there will be little to no reason to play other decks if you are looking to play Priest. However, should the meta favor a more mid-range approach, Dragon Priest will be the deck of choice. Of course, there is a non-zero probability that a hybrid deck emerges, depending on how much Highlander Priest wants to give up in order to play Duskbreaker (because it really, really wants to). Elder Dragon Highlander? Here’s hoping!

Card Review by Chimbarozo


Duskbreaker Decks

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Duskbreaker Full Card Art

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